Work at Facebook

Recently, there come an offer from the Facebook recruitment team to me. I was recommended by my friend who works there full-time. In comparsion, I had in the last autumn a telephonic interview at Google which I failed.

I always asked myself which company can suit me better if I could hypothetically choose. After reading the recent article about work at Facebook my preferences towards FB had grown.

As a intern joke I also append an picture from membase.

Google Codejam 2011 Round 1B

I cannot believe how bad I perform at Google-organisated competitions. Today was the first online round of CodeJam. A started quite good, solved the first problem among the first hundreds.

But then came the second problem statement. I had the shape of the main idea (binary search the result) from the beginning, but I overesteemed myself. I forgot to consider the whole implementation in my mind. I forgot what was taught on our preparations for competitions: “turn of your monitor before you start typing the code!”.

When I was online (or on-coding, on-demand) resolving the subproblems the code just diverged. I have implemented a ternary_search (dividing the interval to 3 parts and choosing two of them) and using double type rather thqn int64. Of course, anger come on me. But I managed to implement the good solution at last. For my shame just after the Large request timeout. That was worth 15 points and because of that I finished 1052, just behind the line at 1000.
So, tomorow I will give a next try 🙂

Also I want to share a small problem:
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